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Increased coversion effectiveness for espionage, sabotage and steal missions. Increased Mayhem effects.
Fix transfer fuel cost display
Changed Survey probe cost to 10 Fuel plus 1 Ops. 
Minor changes/additions to tip/help dataset
SXfer withdraw display delay fixed
Market histograms fixed
Atomics and Fuel value reduced
Planet production changed
New message count added in command menu
polltime and timeout increased
misc code fixes
Added some ajax handlers to help alleviate bad connection problems.
Added styling to Contact List entries and Score pages
Fixed Cyborg missing from AI creation
Fixed Tour Tip error caused by missing content plus some TT additions
Added Userinfo link to chat
fixed a start page navigation to prevent back button crash
added msg list styling
Changed market deviation range to 33% to 300% originally was 10-1000%
Reduced Troop value/cost to 50
Raised upgrade cost of shock troops to 65
Adjusted planet production to reflect new troop values
Tweeked Troop combat values
Eliminated defense bonus for all planets - now reflected in combat values
Set initial starting market value to minimum.
Retweeked upgrade costs
reduced planet production to 80% current
These changes Training server only.
Fixed Reserve Ops allotment accumulator
added Automatic recon updates on successful mayhem, assassinate and instigate rebellion missions
instigate rebel now adds rebel group recon data upon mission success
increased reward points for successful coversion
adjusted disruptor effect - formula changed - new setting requires 10 disruptors per province for 100% disruption
fixed ops adjust for new troop purchases
fixed nuke slider resetting on polling refresh
fixed unknown covert operatives reference in news
set help tour autostart default to off-
multiple server side upgrades
additional config items in config view
fixed client production outlook vs actual production
temporary fix to improve connection issues caused by lost packets, out of sequence packets, signal loss etc.
Modified ajax routines to improve/prevent repeat packets, out of sequence packets and dropped packets.

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